2020-2021 Working Title Playwrights New Play Development and Dramaturgy Apprenticeship Project

Working Title Playwrights The finest playwrights in the Milky Way!
Working Title Playwrights The finest playwrights in the Milky Way!

Discover a coming-of-age epic about how to make the most out of eternity.


In our space, there are endless family dramas. Truly, our whole Universe is a family drama in play. Meet the Galaxy family and follow their quest to undo the Big Bang, after a member sets it off. Singularity is the parent of six Galaxies – SPT0615-JD, Cartwheel, Whirlpool, Triangulum, Andromeda, Milky Way – and raises Gravity, the family dog. After JD strikes Singularity and runs off with Gravity to the Edge of the Universe, their siblings must fix the cosmos and bring JD home. The supermassive heart of the story is the Big Bang Theory and finding oneself in the nothingness, as an anomaly and a family.

Meet our particle physics sibling!

An opera about subatomic educators. TOUR
♬ “Force!” ♫GRAVITY
♫ “My heart cannot choose who to take in. However, my heart can choose who to take out.” ♬SPT0615-JD
♪ “The point in you is a universe.” ♩SINGULARITY
♬ “Time is family, as there's little time left with them.” ♫CARTWHEEL
♩ “T over square root of one minus velocity squared divided by the speed of light squared.” ♫ WHIRLPOOL
♩ “Nothing is anomaly like family. You know?” ♬TRIANGULUM
♪ “Cluster flux.” ♫ ANDROMEDA
♫ “I love myself.” ♬MILKY WAY

All-Galaxy Cast and Creative Team


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