The family musical of epic proportions. Meet the Galaxy family and their dog Gravity.

Get Tickets Here!!! January 26, 2023 at 7:30PM in Theatre 71
Get Tickets Here!!! January 26, 2023 at 7:30PM in Theatre 71

Discover a universal story about how to make the most out of eternity.


ELLIPSES is a universal musical that stars the Galaxy family and their dog Gravity as they sing and dance their way out of a life-changing event known as the Big Bang. Before the world that we have come to know, there lived a remote family of Galaxies. Singularity is the single parent who locked their six kids in the house. Milky Way is the baby sibling going through galactic puberty. JD is the oldest sibling looking to explore the Universe. This outgrown young adult is perfect for Gravity's manipulation. In a violent altercation, JD shoots Singularity to run away from home with Gravity (aka the Big Bang). Without their parent, the teenage Galaxies must fend for themselves in the vastness of the cosmos. Family is everything we know, and so is the Universe. The entire chronology of our Universe is a family drama in play. To live as a family or to leave as anomalies is the heart of this universal coming-of-age story. David Quang Pham manifested ELLIPSES as an astrophysics undergrad and crafted ELLIPSES during his apprenticeship at Working Title Playwrights, Atlanta.

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“I love stories about families and yours is truly the most unique I've seen.”John MabeyAward-Winning Playwright · Website · New Play Exchange
“I absolutely love this idea. The idea about a universe that’s a family drama… How incredible is that… It’s very unique and very original.”Paul GordonBroadway Composer-Lyricist · Website
“The humor and sibling rivalry/politics is a strength of the piece overall.”Emily McClainAward-Winning Theatremaker · New Play Exchange
“The play got me thinking about my / our place in the Universe - you can't get more epic than that.”Hank KimmelBoard President of WTP and the Alliance for Jewish Theatre · Website
“The musical that I most compare it to in terms of character journey is actually AMERICAN IDIOT but like through the lens of KATAMARI DAMACY.”Liz DooleyAward-Winning Playwright · New Play Exchange

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