• Fee: $25

    Festival: Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival

  • Sunday 17

    Workshop: Theater Resources Unlimited's How to Write a Musical That Works – Part Two: Conflict and Obstacles


    In "Part 2: Conflict and Obstacles" TRU focuses on three main aspects of your show: 1) Songs that express differing points of view, or conflict; 2) "Turnaround Songs" in which a character changes his course of action; 3) Plot complications that keep your characters from achieving their wants, and drive the action forward; in particular, the climactic moment (sometimes the first act finale) that drives us forward into the resolution (note: the actual "resolution" will be in workshop #3). In addition, TRU continually explores the delicate balance between script and song, so it is important that you present a continuous portion of scene and song from your show.

  • Tuesday 19

    Conference - Festival: Durban University of Technology's DigiFest 8 and Annual Research Conference


    The "ELLIPSES: The Cosmology Mythology Musical" session is on the first day. Daniela Cobb and David Quang Pham are the speakers, Roshnee Sunder is the facilitator, Jodie Du Plessis is the manager, and Dr. Dianna Moodley is the director.

    DigiFest Graphic
  • Sunday 13

    Workshop: How to Write a Musical That Works – Part One: The World and the Want


    In "Part 1: The World and the Want" TRU focuses on two main aspects of your show: 1) the opening number (or any number that invites the audience into the world of the show, and sets the storytelling rules); and 2) the songs and scenes in which you introduce your characters and invite us to follow their journey. TRU discusses "I want" songs, "I am" songs and "I feel" songs, and the function of each, with special attention to the way they move the action. In addition, TRU continually explores the delicate balance between script and song, so it is important that you present a continuous portion of scene and song from your show.

  • Thursday 15

    First Full Concert Reading


    The concert reading of ELLIPSES on July 15, 2021. Working Title Playwrights Artistic Managing Director: Amber Bradshaw. Playwright-Composer: David Quang Pham. Director: Aliyah Curry. Dramaturg: Jordan Alexandria Ealey. Stage Manager: Alexis ‘Lexi’ McKay. Cast: Daniela Cobb, Abby Holland, Jason-Jamal Ligon, Sofia Palmero, Skye Passmore, Evan Phillips, Kait Rivas, Daniel Sakamoto-Wengel, Parris Sarter, Vallea E. Woodbury.

    Concert Reading ELLIPSES Poster
  • 16-23

    Conference: New Musicals Inc.

    For the last 15 years, NMI has hosted the Musical Theatre Conference in Los Angeles for musical writing teams to to prepare, practice, and present pitches of their new musicals to industry professionals.

  • Sunday 1
    Fee: $25


    Residency: Tusen Takk

    The application was submitted on Friday, July 30.

    1st choice: Summer 2022; 2nd: Spring 2023; 3rd: Fall 2022; 4th: Fall 2023.

  • Wednesday 11


    Grant: IDEA Opera Grants

    The intent to apply application was submitted on Wednesday, August 4.

    This is the second attempt at this grant. The first was in 2019 for TOUR for the Downtown Urban Arts Festival in New York City. The intent to apply was rejected.

  • Sunday 15
    Fee: $60


    Residency: Death Valley National Park

    January 6-27, 2022

    An application is unlikely to be submitted due to the steep fee. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by the National Park Service.

  • Monday 16
    Fee: $40


    Residency: Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts

  • Sunday 29


    Residency: INHABIT at the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics

    An application is submitted.

  • $10000

    Grant: Jonathan Larson Grants

    David Quang Pham first submitted in 2020.

  • Wednesday 1
    Fee: $25


    Residency: Franconia Sculpture Park

  • Thursday 2
    Fee: $40

    Residency: Ucross Foundation

  • Wednesday 15
    Fee: $30

    Residency: Hambidge Center

    Our application was previously accepted for Spring 2021. We declined due to the ongoing pandemic.

  • Thursday 30

    Festival: Florida Festival of New Musicals

    June 23-26, 2022

    The application was submitted on Wednesday, July 28.

  • Thursday 4
    Fee: $30

    Workshop: National Music Theater Conference at the O’Neill

  • 10

    Reading-Workshop-Production: San Diego State

    The plan is to collaborate with a creative team in three stages from reading to workshop to full production. We are looking for completed scripts and scores from a team that is interested in developing their work in conjunction with our graduate students. The committee considers a host of factors in the selection process, including representation of writers and stories from a range of cultural, ethnic, racial, and other affinities, as well as the gender balance of the writers whose work is presented in a given theatrical season.

  • Prequel

    ELLIPSES Junior: The Galaxy family


    A science fantasy comedy, THE GALAXY FAMILY centers Singularity, their kids, and tidal pups. Singularity has birthed a brand-new cluster of stars: Milky Way. When JD accidentally knocks out Singularity while playing fetch with Gravity, Milky Way is left in the care of their siblings. The supermassive heart of this children’s story is caring for one another.

  • Prequel

    Audio Episodes: (Parenthesis)

    Each episode tells the thesis that Singularity has in store for each of their Galaxy. This helps character relationships.

    Episode 1: SPT0615-JD

    Episode 2: Cartwheel

    Episode 3: Whirlpool

    Episode 4: Triangulum

    Episode 5: Andromeda

    Episode 6: Milky Way

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