• Prequel

    ELLIPSES Junior: The Galaxy family


    A science fantasy comedy, THE GALAXY FAMILY centers Singularity, their kids, and tidal pups. Singularity has birthed a brand-new cluster of stars: Milky Way. When JD accidentally knocks out Singularity while playing fetch with Gravity, Milky Way is left in the care of their siblings. The supermassive heart of this children’s story is caring for one another.

  • Prequel

    Audio Episodes: (Parenthesis)

    Each episode tells the thesis that Singularity has in store for each of their Galaxy. This helps character relationships.

    Episode 1: SPT0615-JD

    Episode 2: Cartwheel

    Episode 3: Whirlpool

    Episode 4: Triangulum

    Episode 5: Andromeda

    Episode 6: Milky Way

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